The Festa Medievale di Monteriggioni

One of the best costume festivals in Italy

The "Festa Medievale" of Monteriggioni, Siena, Tuscany, Italy takes place every year and is highly recommended. Monteriggioni is crowned with towers
back in July, the traditional Medieval Festival of Monteriggioni, this year at the 27th edition.
A dip in the Middle Ages, between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, the castle walls from secular remembered by Dante.
tuscanyMonteriggioni in festival is crowned with towers, as back every year since 1991 with two weekends in July 6-16 filled with commemorations A place that retains much of its ancient ruins and is an interesting traditional setting of the lands of Siena, along the ancient Via Francigena, the Monteriggioni castle back to the Middle Ages with costumed characters, torches, play with fire, artisans, armed and itinerant poets that animate the streets of the town.

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