Siena and its famous Palio

Witness the unique and popular Palio horse race

The Palio of Siena takes place in the city of Siena, Tuscany by a long long time ago, its origins dated back to 1260, the date of the Battle of Montaperti, when  the final tournament for the Independence Assumption ceremonies became a symbol of Siena under the protection the Virgin. Each year, the Palio is held on 2nd July (Palio of the "Madonna di Provenzano") and August 16th (Palio of "Our Lady of the Assumption") and the Palio still refers to Regulation of 1656, which marks the official birth of the Palio of and Piazza del Campo is the place where the event is run.

The race is scheduled at 7:30 p.m. in July 2nd  and at 7:00 16th August


There are several ways to see the race:

-the easiest is to take position in the centre of the piazza (no tickets required) but please consider that you have to stand many hours and there is no toilet facilities in this section.
- the 2nd possibility is to book a seat on one of the stands or palchi around the square; those closest to the mossa (the starting and finishing line) cost the most
- the 3rd is to book a window, or better still a balcony, of the houses and palazzos overlooking the square.

Whatever your vantage point, make sure you choose a contrada to root for – it makes the whole experience so much more fun.
Tickets for the race will be given to you in Siena: either at your hotel/villa or directly in Siena (a staff member will be waiting for you)
You can also book a tour with a guide, who will explain you all of the history about the Palio and the city

We can provide tickets fot both events (02/07 or 16/08)

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