On October 20th an Extraordinary Palio in Siena

a Palio Straordinario, a unique “extraordinary” edition of the far-famed horse race

An extraordinary Palio in Siena is something that happen very rarely and it is always related to important events. In the past they were held to celebrate a visit of important people (King/Queen/prime minister) or the anniversary of a war victory. 
The last Extraordinary Palio was runned in 2000 ( September 9th) to celebrate the Jubilee of the special palionew Millennium.. This year we celebrate the anniversary of the end of the World war so, this Palio will be full of historical contents.

The districts that were chosen by lot on Sunday, September 30th are the following:
Tower, Lupa, Snail, Goose, Dragon, Tartuca, Selva, Owl, Nicchio and Giraffa.

It will therefore be an autumnal Palio to be discovered, with the city ready to relive the summer atmosphere of previous editions .. with a very special and fascinating taste as always.