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San Gimignano - Tuscany

San Gimignano and its towers

san gimignano tuscanySan Gimignano, a small fortified town halfway between Siena and Florence, is worldwide famous for its architecture and for its beautiful towers which make its profile certainly unique. In the most flourishing time, the wealthy families of San Gimignano arrived to build 72 towers as symbol of their wealth and power. Of these, 14 remain today which help to make the city atmosphere even more fascinating. Walking through the its streets brings you back in time while its breathtaking views leave you speechless. Declared UNESCO World Heritage site in 1990,  San Gimignano iso ne of the small pearl in the province of Siena and offers excellent local products like saffron and the white wine Vernaccia di San Gimignano. The Vernaccia wine grape is mentioned as early as 1276 in San Gimignano’s records and in Dante’s Divine Comedy.

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