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Grosseto and Maremma

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The Maremma is a vast area of the Tuscan coastline that stretches between the provinces of  Livorno and Grosseto. A unique feature of the Maremma is the variety of its territory:  blue sea (thanks to this many areas have been rewarded with the “Blue Flag” because of the purity of the water), long beaches and steep cliffs, mountain covered by woods, lake areas and plains, green cultivated hills and natural thermal areas. A timeless zone which has its roots in ancient civilizations. Here the Etruscans and later the Romans have thrived for centuries, leaving important evidences as shown by the Etruscan cities of Roselle and Populonia, and the various findings throughout its territory. Then the Aldobrandeschi family arrived and ruled during the dark centuries of the Middle Age, leaving its towers, castles and fortified boroughs like Santa Fiora and Sovana. Even the Medici, and later the Lorena family lived in these lands as we can recall from the powerfull Medici walls of Grosseto. The Medici family itself was in fact the first to start the reclamation of the Maremma ended after the 2nd world war. But the Maremma is not only culture and landscape, it’s also a land rich in local products to taste and enjoy with a nice glass of good wine. Seaside, hills, and mountains merge together in the typical dishes of this land, like for example the “acquacotta”.

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