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arezzo piazza grandeArezzo is an Etruscan town situated at the foot of the Apennines, between the fertile valley of the rivers Arno and Tiber, amidst the Casentino and the Val di Chiana. Important goldsmith centre where literature, art, architecture and history blend perfectly. Although overshadowed by Florence, which is about 70km far away, Arezzo has nothing to envy to Florence. It’s the birthplace of  Francesco Petrarca, one of the most important Italian poets, known for his major work, Il Canzoniere, where he sang his love to Laura. Arezzo is a medieval town as it’s expressed in its  2 main monuments – the Cathedral and the Medici Fortress. There are many places of historical and artistic interest: the Church of San Donato, the medieval church of San Domenico, the parish Church of  Santa Maria and the Basilica di San Francesco. The famous Piazza Grande is situated on the hilly part of the town. Here every year there is the famous Giostra del Saracino, a folkloric and distinctive compelling, with the participation of the representatives of the districts of the town, who wear magnificent medieval costumes.
Gold, the metal praised throughout human history and its deep and rich glow is a trademark of the town of Arezzo. Its location, the findings of gold and the crafty and innovative hands of its settlers have made it a goldsmith centre throughout history in Tuscany. Even today it is considered to be the capital of goldsmiths in Italy. Each year a gold trade market called “Oro Arezzo” takes place here in Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy.

tuscany cortonaCortona: Cortona is another ancient, walled Tuscan city that merits the attention of travelers. Situated at 500m a.s.l., it dominates the entire Val di Chiana and the view stretches to the horizon to find the peaks of Mount Amiata. Cortona is completely surrounded by walls which are an interesting feature of the landscape as well as an important archeological monument. The medieval buildings and the narrow streets give the town an evocative atmosphere. Many are the palaces of the nobility especially in the historic center and the grandiose Medici fortress on the top of the hill. The Basilica di Santa Margherita and the Santuario Francescano delle Celle invite tourists to discover Cortona from high, offering a path of art and faith just a few steps from the old city centre.

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